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Skopje Pride Weekend 2017 - Транс-Формации

  • Kino Kultura Skopje (map)

Dear friends, we have the greatest honor to announce the programme for this year’s Skopje Pride Weekend – TRANS-FORMATIONS.

The goal of the Weekend is to create and promote non-normative forms of worldmaking, that is to say relations, affects, identity positions, bodily styles and sensibilities that have been marked, by the heteronormative, nationalistic and neoliberal capitalist context, as queer and failures.
The leading idea for this year's Pride Weekend is TRANS-FORMATIONS. Setting this theme, we want to open to problematization the different social and cultural norms that frame and naturalize human's bodies, in particular by setting gender and sexuality as core axes of embodiment, as well as investigate the possibilities for resistance and slipping through the grids of normativity, starting from the body itself. Presenting different cultural and art practices we aim to expose the body as open materiality whose capacities are transformable and open to modifiable horizons of multiple and differing possibilities, crossing the binary and rigid frames of the gender and sexual apparatus. 

The final programme for this year’s Weekend includes:

22.06 (Thursday) Mala Stanica – National Gallery of the Republic of Macedonia
20:30 EXPEAUSITIONS – Exhibition by Cassils (CAN)

23.06 (Friday) Kino Kultura
21:00 Performance by Hélène Bee and Victor Marzouk (FRA) - “Metagender”

24.06 (Saturday) 
12:00 – 16:00 (Kino Kultura)
Butoh King Workshop with DOLORES K. (Hélène Bee and Victor Marzouk) (FRA) 

17:00 (Mala Stanica)
Public Lecture by Dominic Johnson (UK) – “IT HURTS: Art, Performance, and Pain”

00:00 (Night Club Epicentar)
Club performance by Aèrea Negrot/BPitch Control
Sonja Ismail (MKD)
Photo Exhibition “Through the Eyes of the Margins)

25.06 (Sunday)
20:30 (Kino Kultura)
Drag Cabaret “Ephemeral Confessions: Songs on Decadence, Glamour, Vices, Love and Hatred” (SRB)

Skopje Pride Weekend 2017 has been supported by USAID, FOSM, Heinrich Böll Foundation and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

Later Event: November 12